In Common

This is just a page of inspiration. G.O.D. is also about people on a focused level, on a global scale. We hope that you may be touched or inspired in some way by what our lens captures on our ‘In Common’ page. God Bless.

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Picture of My Life

I’ve been told before that I should write a bio. I don’t think I need to write a story about all the details of my whole entire life. There are so many people out there in the world who have had so many problems, challenges, triumphs, falls and joys unimaginable. I think that if I just write a poem maybe a long one or several…someone might feel me. The Lord is coming back soon. If someone out there could just feel me… we might just get the vision the same. That God was there the whole time…even when we didn’t know His name…

I wanted to do it one day

Fulfill my mom’s wish

At least that one

Above the Hudson River

I was to stand

And spread her ashes



They were to fall gently to the rhythm of song of the birds

Forming dusty shadows under the light of the sun

I won’t blame you dear mother’s sister

I won’t blame you

I asked you to hold them for me

Just for a little while

As my tears fell over my own life

I had not a place for them


You had not a place for them


I see

No one can always be

What you want them to be

I forgive you now

I am with the Lord now

He comforts me

He has taken care of what was lost from me

During the crumb lings of my life…

I will not any longer analyze

How such deep hatred can come

From those

That say

I love you so much…

I remember that same rage

Coming from him

But it was loud that time

That’s why you sick!

He says to her

As she lay deteriorating


Memory fading

Cancer slaying


Love her so much

Lord I hope to see her again

When I come home to you…

No one is perfect

But this one thing I do know

Everyone should

Have a respected grave

Or soon to be thereof

But thank God for Jesus!

He’s the One

Who knows

How it feels

To be under heel

This poem is dedicated to the precious life of my mom

And to the death of my soul

I am born again

Through Yehoshua

Thanks for listening…



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